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Te Aroha Noa Community Services is an innovative family/whanau and community development organisation with an underpinning Christian kaupapa which is based in the lower socio economic and multi-cultural suburb of Highbury, Palmerston North.

It was initiated in 1989 by the Palmerston North Central Baptist Church and has grown over the following 20 years to strongly engage with and journey alongside the western suburbs communities of Palmerston North. While these communities are the focus of its work it also provides services to the whole of Palmerston North and the wider Manawatu region. Currently 63 staff and 150 volunteers are engaged in the provision of innovative community development services and initiatives such as: HIPPY, First Steps Adult Learning Community, Aerobics and Gym, Craft Group, Counselling and Therapy, Violence Free Community, Family/Whanau Development, Practice Research and Teaching and Early Childhood Education. Since 2004 Te Aroha Noa has made a commitment to building its practice research capacity to advance its own capacity to innovate and also make a wider contribution to the development of social and community practice nationally and internationally Te Aroha Noa is part of a growing international movement of integrated Centres that recognise the value of local responses to local needs.

Te Aroha Noa Community Services (TANCS) is committed to providing multi-disciplinary, holistic and integrated services that are designed to assist young families/whanau unleash their potential. It seeks to empower the community through a community development approach to identify its own needs , resources and solutions. A feature of our approach is the encouragement of community members to actively participate in the unleashing of their own lives and the community.    

Te Aroha Noa Community Services aims to empower community members to take responsibility for the development of their own solutions via a methodology that creates an ever expanding number of community members who have experienced transformation of their own lives until a critical mass change point is reached that impacts the whole community. It has also been deeply committed to developing collaborative practice partnerships with both Government and locally based community organisations and institutions.

Te Aroha Noa is at the cutting edge of innovation and family practice. It has focussed intentionally on developing practice in response to the twin imperatives of locally articulated need and internationally recognised best practice. The blending of early childhood, child development, individual counselling, community based social work and adult education from a locally situated community centre places it at the forefront of practice development.

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Our core objective is to:

Encourage empowered, self managed community through providing early intervention, holistic services to the community.