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Meet the Trust


Pictured L-R: (back row) Grant Baldwin, Darren Wong, Kenneth Bidlake, (middle) Margaret Bates, (front row) Michelle Mock (former trustee) and Margaret Jackson.


(Not shown: Josie Te Kahu, Heather McClean and Nigel Orr)

Nigel Orr

Paediatrician at Palmerston North Hospital

Appointed May 2014

Vision for Te Aroha Noa: In conjunction with the community, for TAN to develop a health focus that really serves the needs of the community.

Darrin Wong


Appointed 19 May 2010

Vision for Te Aroha Noa: To see Te Aoha Noa continue to grow and expand in our local community supporting those in need. Thus creating opportunities for those involved to either grow in their relationship with Jesus or to experience His love and develop a personal relationship with Him.

Grant Baldwin


Appointed 18 July 2012

Vision for Te Aroha Noa: To bring the kingdom of God to Palmerston North

Margaret Bates

Retired Accountant

Started as a Board Member in 2008; become Chairman Feb 2009.

Vision for Te Aroha Noa: To see lives changed for the better. To build confidence in the young ones to reach their potential. To see our youth programme participants learn to share and care for others.

Heather McClean

Manager (Marketing and Communications)

Appointed July 2009

Vision for Te Aroha Noa: To be a God-led, family-centred community, building hope for the future; a place where people of all ages can feel loved and valued.

Kenneth Bidlake


Building development committee since 2006

Appointed 4 March 2008

“My mission field is here in our neighbourhood partnering with Te Aroha Noa to help others realise their spiritual, emotional, physical and financial potential.”

Margaret Jackson

Public Health Nurse

Appointed 1 September 2007

Josie Te Kahu

Appointed 2015