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Kidz LIFE Holiday Programme

Kidz LIFE Holiday Programme

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Kidz LIFE is a fun interactive Holiday Programme created to provide holiday care to the Highbury community. It began here in the Heart of Highbury at Te Aroha Noa Community Services and has grown to become a very popular Holiday Programme and encompasses a variety of exciting themes.

It is more than just your “average” holiday Programme. Kidz Life caters to every age group from 5 year olds who have just begun school, through to Intermediate age teens who are making the transition to college. We run four age appropriate programmes within KIDZ Life.

What sets us apart from other holiday programmes is that we take a two generational whanau approach and include the wider whanau of our tamariki and rangatahi during the Programme. At the end of each Kidz LIFE Holiday Programme we have what is called a “Finale” day. This is where we invite whānau to join in and be a part of our presentations. The tamariki share stories, performances, songs, dance and of course food. This is always a success and the pride you see upon their parents and whanau faces is a priceless moment.

Our staffing team is predominantly made up of amazing volunteers who dedicate their time and skills to making sure all of our tamariki and rangatahi have an enjoyable learning experience.

Kidz Life is exactly what it stands for….Kidz Learning In a Fun Environment!!!

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