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He Ngãkau Noa 'Young Women' is a strengths based approach to working with young women who have disengaged at various levels with education, community and family systems.

He Ngãkau Noa is a joint community response of Te Aroha Noa Community Services and Child, Youth and Family.  It was initiated to address a gap in resources for young women aged between 12 and 17. 

He NgãkauNoa walks alongside young women as they identify and grow their own visions and strengths, leadership skills and healthy relationships.

He NgãkauNoa provides opportunities for young women to:

  • Set goals and work towards them with guidance
  • Build self esteem and self worth
  • Believe in themselves
  • Find a place to belong that holds no judgements
  • build honest and respectful relationships
  • Explore emotions and how we relate to our environments
  • Build 'Forward Thinkers' and future possibilities
  • Re-engaged with educational pathways

 HNN at the big boulders

He Ngãkau Noa are immensely proud of the young women who engage with the programme and the challenges they choose to face and work through.

We pride ourselves on working with these young women with 'Difference'.  Difference at He Ngãkau Noa means;

  • Building strong healthy relationships they may not have experienced previously
  • Celebrating and supporting each other in successes and strengths
  • Providing all meals while they are at Te Aroha Noa
  • Approaching difficult situations from a strengths based perspective
  • Providing opportunities they otherwise might not have the resources to access
  • Growing strong values, self belief and Women of Integrity

He NgãkauNoa Young Women at its essence engages with an organic process.  This means it is highly adaptable, flexible and growing to the interests and engagement styles of the young women.

He Ngakau Noa accepts community referrals, if you would like some more information please contact Hinemoana  P: 358 2255 C: 027 2634476 or E: hinemoanaw@tearohanoa.org.nz

HNN YW Camp Tukituki 2012