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A place for children and their parents to play and learn together.

Kia Ora Koutou Welcome to Te Aroha Noa Early Childhood Centre.

In 2003 Te Aroha Noa Community Services grew a thriving playgroup, established in 1992, into a licensed Early Childhood Centre in a $500,000 purpose built building.  A dream had become reality.  From these foundations today our Centre has a team of parents and trained early childhood educators ensuring that an inspiring, innovative, child centred educational environment is created for our children.  We encourage a model of ‘Parents as Involved Educators' and work creatively to provide seamless education between home and Centre.  Situated within a wider Family/Whānau and Community Development complex provides valuable opportunities for further support and learning.


Our kaupapa...   

Te Aroha Noa Early Childhood Centre values and provides a learning community which supports all who participate to discover their learning potential and to be confident in who they are.

Key focus areas are...

Valuing learning....Creative learning Spaces.....Celebrating with all children
We have created an inclusive environment with high learning expectations and a programme that responds to the enquiring minds of all children.

Pathways to learning....Being involved....Holistic care
Together we have created a nurturing environment, offering support and education and care for families. Parents can learn alongside their children, and discover and pursue their own learning pathways.

God inspired......Mana enhancing......Self knowledge
Our kaupapa is founded on Christian principles and a strength-based approach which invites all who participate to grow in confidence and discover who they are.

Mana Māori
Our place empowers us to embrace and celebrate all that is Māori.