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We offer professional, confidential counselling services for people of all ages

Working with children

Working with children looks quite different to counselling work with adults. Te Aroha Noa has formed a specialist team to work with children, which we have called He Ngakau Tamariki (the heart of the child).

What is counselling?

Counselling is a process that depends on the relationship that is established between you and your counsellor. We try to work in a way that will help you to discover your own answers and make your own decisions.

Who we are...

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Will it hurt?

Change can be challenging, but you can expect that your counsellor will be caring and supportive. Some circumstances, for example - the death of a loved one, cannot be changed but instead need to be worked through with support and help if healing is to take place.

Counselling can help you to gain greater understanding of yourself and any difficulties you may be experiencing; provide you with information so that you can be more aware of your options and the choices available to you; help you to make changes within yourself, and in how you relate to others; offer support and encouragement while you try new ways of 'being' and relating; help you to grow more towards wholeness and rediscover hope.

Counselling is not

  • Telling people what is wrong with them
  • Giving advice
  • Providing 'instant' answers
  • Trying to change others

How do I make an appointment?

For confidential enquiries phone: 358 2255

Alternatively Click here to email us and we will reply promptly.

How much will it cost?

Costs vary depending on your circumstances and in some cases we can help you get subsidies or a referral from an organisation that will fund you. We will discuss this with you.